[Copper etching with aquatint]

            “Rather than illustrating a specific story, the two female embracing figures evoke the spirit of Ovid, who was a favourite author of Rodin. Art critics of the late 19th century had difficulty in writing about these overtly erotic groups. They often described them as 'fantasies', and in so doing, ascribed less importance to them than to other sculptures by Rodin. But this aspect of Rodin's work held great appeal for young sculptors and writers of the 1890s who wished to confront Victorian culture.”
Victoria & Albert Museum, 2007.

Plaster cast at the V&A

Hard ground with needled lines
Revealing the print

Victoria & Albert Museum. 2007. The Metamorphosis of Ovid | Rodin. [online] Available at: <https://collections.vam.ac.uk/item/O135955/the-metamorphosis-of-ovid-statuette-rodin/> (Accessed: 27 June 2022).